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€ 9,03

Inspired by different cultures and a complete plant-based diet, we cook you fresh hot and nutritious meals every day at Joyful Kitchen.

Our "Mix & Match" concept allows you to choose from as many as 3 main dishes and 3 side dishes every day and to make your individualized lunch based on them.

Instagram Facebook and Facebook page every Saturday you can find a detailed list of all the dishes that we will cook next week.

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€ 5,18

If you like spoon-fed dishes – we got you covered! 😉

Daily stew is always rich in cereals and nutritional vegetables such as peas, sweet potatoes, spinach, celery, burdock, chard and anything nice that comes to mind.

Check out our social networks and see what's cooking this week.

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€ 3,05

With the daily menu every day comes a refreshing colorful-nutritional salad of leafy and other fresh vegetables, often with seeds for a source of healthy fats and vital minerals that help maintain health.

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€ 3,45

For all gourmets in the Daily offer we always have a healthy dessert that sits perfectly after a fine lunch. Here you will most often find cakes such as Melty, Pink dose and Ladoo; Apple or cherry strudels and desserts in a glass like Forest Fruit.

They don't say in vain: sugar at the end. 😉

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Put yourself first

DAILY MENU ………… 68KN € 9,03

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STEW  ……………………  39KN € 5,18

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SALAD  ……………………  21KN € 3,05

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DESERT  …………………….  26KN € 3,45

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